ESW Video 22: Interview with Professional Triathlete and President of TriEqual Sara Gross

February 4th, 2016

Endurance Sportswire recently had the opportunity to co-produce some video-taped interviews with Bob Babbitt (www.Babbittville.com) at the Triathlon Business International Conference.

In this episode of Endurance Sportswire Videos, Bob interviews professional triathlete and President of TriEqual Sara Gross about the challenges of women in triathlon and her new relationship with the Bahrain triathlon team.

TriEqual is a group of women and men dedicated to fairness, progress, and equality in the sport of triathlon. The organization believes that a four-pronged approach is required to reach true gender equality:

  1. Progress toward equal opportunity for professional women, including equality in the arena of play and equal compensation with regards to prize money, sponsorship and media opportunities.
  2. Progress toward equality in total participation numbers at all levels.
  3. Progress toward increased diversity of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  4. Strong development programs to nurture and advance athletes of all ages and abilities to the next level of performance.