Levelle Nutrition Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Revolutionize Women’s Sports Nutrition

February 14, 2024

Fueling Active Women to Run the World, with Sports Nutrition that's Honestly Good

ITHACA, NY – February 14, 2024 /SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ – As women continue to redefine their roles in sports and fitness, Levelle Nutrition is embarking on a groundbreaking crowdfunding campaign to address the critical gender gap in sports nutrition. With a mission to energize active women and provide them with sports nutrition that’s honestly good, Levelle is committed to filling the void with clean-label, high-quality, and delicious nutrition products formulated specifically for the female physiology.

Our Mission: Empowering Women to Run the World

Levelle Nutrition aims to empower women to pursue their passions at any age or stage of life without compromising their health. The company’s real-food, vegan energy purées are crafted with 100% organic, low- and mid-glycemic ingredients, offering a steady state of energy strong enough to fuel marathons while being smooth enough to enjoy as a snack. With no artificial ingredients, added sugars, or caffeine, Levelle products minimize the risk of gastrointestinal distress, providing women with a reliable source of clean, real-food nutrition that tastes great and feels right.

“We want women to feel seen and heard and to know that no matter your age, no matter what life cycle stage – whether you’re pregnant, you’re breastfeeding, you’re going through perimenopause or menopause – you are an athlete and you deserve fuel that speaks to your body, that isn’t going to make you incredibly sick, that isn’t riddled with artificial ingredients. And so really, Levelle is a love letter to all of the active women that are out and every day showing how amazing they are,” says CEO and co-founder Dr. Linda Alvarez.

Our Campaign: Bridging the Funding Gap for Women-Owned Startups

The crowdfunding campaign comes at a crucial time as Levelle Nutrition addresses the challenges faced by women-owned startups in securing funding. With only 1.9% of venture capital funding going to women-owned businesses, and even less for minority women-owned startups, Levelle is turning to their fans and other like-minded individuals.

“We are fundraising for three key reasons. One, to scale our manufacturing to really meet the demands of our current products and introduce new flavors. Two, to revitalize our packaging and get us ready for those next steps in retail. And three, to increase our marketing presence so we can share Levelle Nutrition with as many women as we can,” says Alvarez.

Contributions will not only fuel Levelle’s growth but also create meaningful manufacturing and distribution employment opportunities in the greater Rochester area and the Hudson Valley. Additionally, the funds will be utilized to enhance packaging aesthetics, support social media ads, influencer kits, event fees, and distribute sample products, thereby magnifying the brand’s impact and reach.

Our Story: From Frustration to Innovation

Founded after interviewing over 100 female endurance athletes, Levelle Nutrition was born out of the frustration and pain experienced by women in their pursuit of optimal sports nutrition. Witnessing systemic ignorance within the industry, the founders, Linda Alvarez MD, MBA, and Stephanie Schrauth, MBA, were compelled to create a solution that addresses the unique physiological needs of women.

Our Team: Experts Committed to Women’s Wellness

Led by Linda Alvarez MD, a holistic wellness expert with over 10 years of experience, and Stephanie Schrauth, an innovative business leader with a background in product development and innovation, Levelle Nutrition boasts a dedicated team committed to revolutionizing women’s sports nutrition.

Our Thanks: A Catalyst for Change

In an industry dominated by stereotypes, Levelle Nutrition is determined to create a space where every woman feels seen, heard, and empowered in her wellness journey. By supporting this crowdfunding campaign, you are not merely contributing; you are becoming a catalyst for change, joining us in empowering women in all stages of life to pursue their passions.

Join Levelle Nutrition in fueling women to run the world – because every woman, whether running a marathon or running a meeting, deserves easy, healthy, and delicious energy options.

Crowdfunding Website: https://www.ifundwomen.com/projects/its-time-sex-specific-approach

About Levelle Nutrition:

Levelle Nutrition is on a mission to revolutionize women’s sports nutrition by providing clean-label, high-quality, and delicious products formulated for the female physiology. With a commitment to empowering women at every stage of life, Levelle Nutrition aims to redefine the landscape of sports nutrition for women, offering products that are both effective and enjoyable.

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