PR Newswire Distribution


If you are looking for an affordable rate for PR Newswire distribution, you have come to the right place.

Showcase your press release on PR Newswire AND Sportswire Women for one low price.



  • Take advantage of our partnership with PR Newswire
    • PR Newswire distribution including 4,500 websites (AP, NYT, Yahoo News and more)
    • Inclusion in PR Newswire RSS feeds and site search
    • Visibility Report with links on more than 100 websites
    • 6,000 outdoor sports reporters and industry insiders via Outdoor Sportswire
    • Posting on Sportswire Women social media channels
    • 500 words or less (including title and subtitle)
    • One photo
    • Up to four hyperlinks
    • 24 hour turnaround time

    Is your press release more than 500 words? No problem! It is only $60 per 100 words which we will bill upon receipt of your press release.