Easton Twilight Crit: Labecki and Bourgoyne Sprint to Victory

May 30, 2024

The women’s race saw a dominant breakaway stay away and a rain-soaked men’s race came down to a field sprint.

Livestream Replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O73VUpbyJVA

May 30, 2024 /SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ – In its fourth year, the Easton Twilight Crit pb LVHN saw the deepest field yet for both the Pro Women and Pro Men’s fields. Boasting international pedigree in both races, the paces in both races were high with multiple attacks throughout. In the women’s race, probing attacks would lead to the formation of a break halfway through the race and a five-up sprint that saw Coryn Labecki (EF Education-Cannondale) take the win. In the men’s race, a short downpour would create slick conditions, leading to a natural whittling of the field. Despite several individual attacks from riders the field resolved themselves to a field sprint, which was won by young talent, Lucas Bourgoyne (Austin Outlaws).

Women’s Race

The race started off fast with a $1000 prime called in the second lap of racing, which Emily Flynn of LA Sweat swiftly picked up. This prime caused the field to string out, and multiple attacks would come in a flurry from DNA Procycling, LA Sweat, and Miami Blazers. Halfway through, a $500 prime collected by Arielle Verhareen (Automatic | ABUS) would draw out five riders in what would be the winning break, including Verhareen, Coryn Labecki (EF Education-Cannondale), Arielle Coy (LA Sweat), Kaitlyn Rauwerda (DNA Pro Cycling) and Skylar Schneider (Miami Blazers). Back in the field, teams represented in the break patrolled the front and stifled any attempts to bridge to the winning move. The break continued to rotate through and would balloon the gap out to over 45 seconds in the waning laps of the race. In addition to several other primes, Labecki nabbed the gambler’s prime with one to go. As the break came onto Larry Holmes Drive, the pace slowed, and the five began to watch each other to see who would pick up the sprint first on the uphill drag to the finish. Schneider and Labecki would start their sprints at the same moment, marking each other, and initially it would be Schneider in the lead until the gradient ramp heading over 2nd street, which would see Labecki come even and eventually pass Schneider for the win. Verhareen would come across the line for third to round out the podium. Behind Rylee McMullen of DNA would pick up the field sprint for seventh.

As a solo rider in a field filled with large teams Labecki enjoyed the active race and gave kudos to the teams keeping the race active. “There were a lot of moves and it was a really great race, the course is really technical and I knew a break would go so I had to stay keen to get into moves and it happened that I got into the right one in the end.”

Results: https://my.raceresult.com/288633/results#9_5D9B23

  1. Coryn Labecki (EF Education-Cannondale)
  2. Skylar Schneider (Miami Blazers)
  3. Arielle Verhaaren (Automatic-ABUS)

Men’s Race

Right on the starting horn, a fierce downpour quickly set in, sending spectators ducking for cover while 125 men sprinted away from the start line. Cory Williams (Miami Blazers) set the early tempo, eliminating large portions of the field quickly from the start. Multiple riders from around the world traded pulls at the front to continue to reduce the field size. James Gardner (MITO-Q, NZ Cycling Project) and Alex Briggs (TEKKRZ). Primes added to the attrition in the field even after the rain subsided. Large groups of riders were removed from the race until a selection was made. From this group, primes started to push the riders deeper into the red, and as the roads dried up, riders started to increase their speed through the turns. “The field was sticking to everything,” said eventual race winner Lucas Bourgoyne. But one move that became unstuck from the front was Marcos Mendez of Rockland Development Program, who separated himself from the field after winning a $250 prime. Similar to the 2023 edition of the race, where Cormac McGough set out for a solo ride late in the race, Mendez built up a sizeable gap. But a $500 gambler’s prime saw his advantage eliminated as Cory Williams drove the pace for Noah Granigan into one lap to go. The race came down to a field sprint and with a bike throw at the line, Lucas Bourgoyne outkicked Alec Briggs and Noah Granigan.

Results: https://my.raceresult.com/288633/results#10_3C2D41

  1. Lucas Bourgoyne (Austin Outlaws)
  2. Alec Briggs (TEKKERZ)
  3. Noah Granigan (Miami Blazers)