First Bourn Establishes Futures Fund for U.S. Professional Female Endurance Athlete First-Time Moms

February 2, 2022

Education Grant Dedicated to their First-Born Child

New York, NY – February 2, 2022  /SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ – First Bourn, a co-operative advocacy and endurance sports venture at the intersection of purpose and profit, has established a college sponsorship program for the endurance sports industry – with a focus on helping professional female athletes fight the #femalepenalty. The fund, named the FIRST BOURN FUTURES FUND, is a female-focused grant and endowment dedicated to helping pro endurance athlete new mom’s fund their first born’s future. Up to three U.S. female endurance athletes who have earned the new title of “mom” in 2021 and each year after will qualify.

Endurance sports continue to grow as an important and influential category. In triathlon alone, there are more than 100 U.S. female endurance pro athletes. This fund is designed to off-set the added strain female athletes endure when having a child and will help alleviate the simultaneous pressures of planning for the future – while fulfilling their full athletic potential today. It’s widely known that the economics of the sport are challenging and compounded by the up to two years it takes to conceive, carry, birth and get back to race shape for female athletes. Competing, let alone winning race purse earnings, is hard enough in this highly competitive sport. Having a child and returning to pre-maternity condition is extremely difficult.

Whether you are a pro triathlete, cyclist, or runner competing at the professional level, the objective of the program is to support female athletes by taking some of the burden off an important investment for the future – saving for a child’s college education. The criteria to qualify includes U.S. based athlete actively competing at the professional level, new maternity, and contributions to the industry beyond just performance. Initial and ongoing contributions will be added to a qualified 529 College Savings Plan on behalf of the child and begin on their first birthday – with the goal of funding the child’s first year of college.

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) is doing an outstanding job supporting all athletes across the globe. We’d like to do our part to support these remarkable female athletes, and we couldn’t think of a better program. We are here for the long road and are more focused than ever on delivering on our vision.

About First Bourn:

First Bourn is a co-operative advocacy and endurance sports venture at the intersection of purpose and profit. We provide Pro, Elite and Age Group Athletes, as well as other ecosystem players from Coaches and Product/Service companies, custom-built training farms & villages, a content studio, athlete and team sponsorship, and a scholarship fund (FUTURES FUND). First Bourn has been operating its prototype large acreage training farm outside of Asheville, North Carolina USA since 2019 where they provide an ideal training location and venue for groups to run or attend high intensity, multi-day training events in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of the East Coast. You can follow First Bourn on Instagram @first.bourn and a dedicated account has been set up for the @firstbourn.fund.

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