Human Potential Running Series Becomes First Major Race Series To Fully Accommodate Inclusivity Of All Genders

August 5, 2021

Colorado based trail and ultra-marathon series edits gender identification policies to reflect their mission of full athlete inclusion in ultrarunning.

Arvada, CO – In 2017 The Human Potential Running Series became the first major running series in the world with a black and white policy that spoke directly to transgender athletes. Their policy stated that “Transgender athletes will be listed as the gender they registered for the race, which is typically as they personally identify.”

To take it a step further, HPRS clarified their policy on the subject of posting results to say, “Transgender athletes will be listed in results as the gender they registered for the race, which is typically as they personally identify.”

Now, four years later, HPRS is taking it a step further by becoming the first major race series in the world to provide runners with more than 4 gender identity options during the registration process for their events. Starting immediately, Runners will have the following options to choose from during the registration process: Male, Female, Non-Binary, Genderfluid, Gender-Expansive, Trans, and Agender. In once again taking it a step further, HPRS will no longer list any runner’s gender in the results for any of their races.

HPRS owner and Race Director John Lacroix states, “Gender Identity is not something that is assigned at birth. It is defined as “an individual’s personal sense of having a particular gender.” It is how you internally interpret the chemistry that composes you. Previous gender pronouns are a part of a Cis generated social construct that not everyone subscribes to or is even required to subscribe to. We recognize the importance of this issue in our mission to create a more inclusive sport. Inclusivity is providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. I think it’s time that every RD with a permit from The United States Forest Service read the non-discrimination clause they are required to adhere to as a condition of their permit; because it states in part that we are prohibited from discriminating based on, “gender identity (including gender expression).” It’s running, we’re not going to the moon, or to war, and this just makes sense. We treat everyone as HUMAN.”

The Human Potential Running Series was established in 2014. It is the largest series of ultras in Colorado, and the 4th largest ultra-series in The United States. They host 15 events that span the entire calendar year in Colorado, California and Arkansas. For more information about their series of events, please visit www.HumanPotentialRunning.com

For more information, please contact John Lacroix at 720-624-9237 or SherpaJohn@gmail.com