&Mother Announces Culturelle Probiotics as a 2022 National Partner, Helping to Support &Mother’s New Changemaker Award Program

February 16, 2022

BERKELEY, CA – FEBRUARY 16TH, 2022 /SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ – &Mother, a social change nonprofit focused on gender equity and working motherhood, is excited to announce that Culturelle® Probiotics is continuing as a National Partner for their second year.

Through the support from Culturelle® Probiotics, &Mother will be launching a new grant program – the Changemaker Award. Up to ten awardees will be invited to contribute to ongoing &Mother initiatives to identify, test, and standardize solutions that enhance how women excel and thrive personally and professionally in sports.

A key goal for &Mother is to enable any individual to become the driving force behind the organization’s mission and change the way the working world sees, supports, and values motherhood. With the 2022 Changemaker Award program, the organization will elevate and amplify individuals within the sports industry who are working to address systemic issues and create structural change for new mothers. The Award program will be officially announced and open for applicants by early March.

Through the continued partnership with &Mother, Culturelle® Probiotics aims to bring visibility to the challenges all women face in the workforce and empower those making waves in the fight for gender equity. The Culturelle® Probiotics brand has always taken a leadership position in helping women take charge of their health and wellness.

“Culturelle® Probiotics is excited to reignite our partnership with &Mother this year to continue to bring a timely and worthy cause to attention. By supporting &Mother and their mission, we can directly contribute to helping incredible women thrive in their careers and at home, while making waves through change-making initiatives,” said Maha Elkharbotly, President & CEO of i-Health, and &Mother Advisory Board member. “i-Health’s mission is to improve the lives of our consumers and working with &Mother is an extremely impactful way to further this mission.”

“It is incredible to have the ongoing support of Culturelle® Probiotics as a National Partner heading into our third year as an organization.” said Molly Dickens, co-founder and Executive Director of &Mother. “We deeply appreciate the mission-alignment between &Mother and Culturelle® Probiotics, and, with their partnership, we will continue to open up exciting avenues to accelerate our impact through 2022 and beyond.”


&Mother is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to breaking the barriers that limit a woman’s choice to pursue and thrive in both career and motherhood. Building on the momentum of the #DreamMaternity movement, a call for action and awareness around the lack of sponsor support for female athletes choosing to become mothers during their athletic careers, &Mother was founded in 2020 to transition the movement to impact across industries. Their first initiative centers on creating cultural and structural change within the sports industry. Join the community on Instagram and Twitter and connect with us at www.andmother.org.


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Culturelle® Probiotics is a trademark of DSM and distributed by i-Health, Inc.© i-Health, Inc. 2022.

*Based on Nicholas Hall & Company, DB6 Global OTC Database. Calendar 2019, Value Share.