Patented Sports Bra Offers Unprecedented Support, Comfort and Customizability! Designed By Former D-1 Soccer Player & Personal Trainer.

November 22, 2021

Finally a sports bra that can keep up with your performance

Tahoe, CA (November 2021) The Betts Fit Sports Bra was designed to solve the “comfortable or supportive?” conundrum by someone who has lived it. A DDD and former D-1 soccer player & personal trainer, Catherine Betts was plagued by debilitating neck pain and postural problems that wearing three bras couldn’t (and didn’t) help. Fast forward 7 years of development & three utility patents and the result is a sports bra that combines all the necessary components to stop the bounce and eliminate neck pain.  Strategic strap placement for pain free support, encapsulation & patented corset front gives compression only when you want it: lock ’em in for the workout, release when you’re done. Premium Italian materials, Sizes 32-38 C, D, DD, F.  See it in action!

The Betts Fit sports bra has been highlighted in Health Magazine, Runner’s World and is available to purchase online at Betts Fit & with retail partner, Title Nine.

“I have searched high and low for a comfortable supportive sports bra. Before I found this bra, I had to wear two or three bras at once to go snowboarding, running or Mt biking. This bra truly does it’s job for high impact activity, plus with the middle divider you don’t get that “uniboob” effect or feel. This bra is thoughtfully designed, offering so many fine tuning adjustment options you’ll feel lik e it is custom to you.” Sarah Miller- Former Professional Snowboarder

For high impact activities, adjust the features to customize your fit. Corset, shoulder straps, and bottom band are all accessible from the front for on the go adjustability. Adjustments at the bust, band and shoulder provide post workout release. Pretty great, right? See the fit instructions video here.

With 60 days to take it to the limit and virtual fittings available with founder Catherine Betts, plus free shipping, returns and exchanges team Betts Fit makes it easy to test out their tech with zero risk.

About Betts Fit:

Betts Fit Designer and Owner, Catherine Betts, had personally struggled to find a supportive and comfortable sports bra for half her life. As a former D1 soccer player, she developed debilitating neck, postural problems, and nerve pain. She knew she wasn’t alone with this problem. Becoming a personal trainer, she found herself in a sports bra for 12 hours a day having to choose between comfort or support. This inspired her to set out to develop the perfect sports bra. Catherine is committed to designing innovative performance basics to support women’s active lifestyle. Follow on Instagram @bettsfit.