Entrepreneurship, Branding, and Marketing with Tanner Bell – Ragnar Relay

April 3rd, 2018

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Andy Reilly from the Eventgrow Podcast interviews Tanner Bell, co-founder and President of Ragnar, the world’s premier series of overnight running relay races. Tanner Bell has grown his series to host over 140,000 runners who participate annually in 18 Ragnar road relay races and 19 trail relay races worldwide.



Biggest Takeaways

  • Staying true to your brand tenants (know your brand)
  • Over-deliver at your events. Surprise and delight
  • Intimately understand your customer and constantly create feedback loops
  • Be transparent and communicate often

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Eventgrow – https://www.eventgrow.com/
Ragnar – https://www.eventgrow.com/ragnar

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