Report: 17 Million Canadians Consider Themselves Fans of Women’s Sport

April 22, 2024

Canadian Women & Sport and research and consultancy partner IMI Consulting released It’s Time: Unlocking the Power of Pro Women’s Sport Fans, presented by Canadian Tire Corporation, parent or SportChek and Helly Hansen. The authors said the report illustrates the tremendous value, current and potential, that fans of women’s sports in Canada represent for all manner of sport business.

The underlying research generated by a survey polling Canadians ages 13 to 65 found that two in three Canadians (67 percent) consider themselves to be fans of women’s sports, equivalent to more than 17 million Canadians. Canadian fans of women’s sport include coveted audiences like Gen Z, Millennials and families, as well as diverse, well-educated and affluent Canadians. SGB Media