Women’s Product Entrepreneur & Inventor Summit Set for April

March 18, 2024

The inaugural event conceived by women with product concepts for women will take place in Coronado, Calif.

Lead and Empower Her She Talks, in collaboration with BoldSKY Foundation, proudly presents the inaugural Women’s Product Entrepreneur & Inventor Summit April 27 and 28 in Coronado. https://leadandempowerher.com/women-inventors/

The Women’s Product Entrepreneur & Inventor Summit is conceived BY women with extraordinary product concepts, FOR women with extraordinary product concepts.

The landscape of product innovation is evolving rapidly, with women now stepping forward to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. Lead and Empower Her She Talks, together with the BoldSKY Foundation, are excited to champion these female inventors and innovators through this groundbreaking Summit.

This two-day event, set against the picturesque backdrop of Coronado, CA, will feature influential keynote speakers and experts who have navigated the journey of bringing products to market successfully. Attendees can engage in hands-on workshops tailored to deliver actionable strategies. No questions will go unanswered.

We invite all female inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as investors and service providers to these innovators, to register and join us for this significant weekend.

This Summit is meticulously crafted to not only furnish actionable insights and invaluable guidance that can propel any product-focused enterprise forward but also provides a platform for women to pitch their brilliant ideas to a live audience and a panel of esteemed judges for significant cash prizes.

Call for Pitch Submissions: Celebrating Women Inventors and Innovators

We extend a warm invitation to all women inventors and innovators to submit their revolutionary products for a chance to be acknowledged, celebrated, and rewarded for their exceptional contributions in this thriving entrepreneurial domain. This unique opportunity aims to spotlight the outstanding achievements of women in the realm of invention and entrepreneurship.

Women Inventors, Take Center Stage

To register for the Summit, or apply for the pitch competition, click here. Or for more information, reach out to submissions@boldskyfoundation.org.

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