2022 Team INFINIT Elite Roster Announced

March 17, 2022

Wide range of athletes features endurance icons like Andy Potts, Josh Tostado, and Taylor Lideen

Cincinnati, Ohio, March 17, 2022 — INFINIT Nutrition has revealed its 2022 Team INFINIT Elite roster featuring 24 new and returning athletes representing a diverse range of sports.

The 2022 roster will be representing Team INFINIT in endurance sports like Triathlon, Cycling, Running and Paddling. Returning names include longtime INFINIT athletes Andy Potts, Taylor Lideen, Matt Russell, Josh Tostado, and Nicholas Chase who will be again using INFNIT Nutrition hydration and recovery drink mixes to fuel their training and racing.

Building on the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, the 2022 Team INFINIT Elite roster features a nearly equal number of male and female athletes who will be competing at the highest levels of their sport.

“One of INFINIT’s main goals has been to work towards creating a world where everyone feels represented and included in the endurance sports and outdoor industries,” said Laura Hering, INFINIT’s Vice President and Director of Nutrition. “A main part of this effort is our commitment to create an equitable and diverse elite team roster.”

Three para athletes will also be joining Team INFINIT — Owen Cravens is a rising star in paratriathlon. Clara Brown is a paracyclist who represented Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Caleb Cline is a veteran of the United States Army and back to back (2020-2021) recumbent trike 24 Hour World Champion.

“It’s really exciting to be building relationships within the parasport community,” said Michael Folan, INFINIT founder and CEO. “Overcoming the odds to achieve greatness is what sports are all about—And we’re honored to support these athletes who truly embody that spirit of defiance and perseverance.”

Bradyn Lange, a 22-year old cyclist from Austin, TX is another new face on Team INFINIT. Youngest of the only 60 athletes selected to compete in the Lifetime Grand Prix series this year, Bradyn will be toeing the line at some of the biggest races of the year including Garmin Unbound Gravel and Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB.

INFINIT is also partnering to support Floyds of Leadville Racing, a gravel and mountain bike racing team started by Floyd Landis featuring Tinker Suarez, Genevive Jeanson, Paul Thomas, and longtime INFINIT athlete Taylor Lideen.

The complete Team INFINIT Elite Roster for 2022 is:

  • Andy Potts – Triathlon
  • Rachel Langdon – Cycling
  • Ben Kanute – Triathlon
  • Clara Brown – Cycling & Paracycling
    Nicholas Chase – Triathlon
  • Josh Tostado – Mountain Bike
  • Matt Russell – Triathlon
    Bradyn Lange – Gravel and Mountain Bike
  • Amber Ferreira – Snowshoe & Triathlon
  • Taylor Lideen – Gravel and Mountain Bike
  • Victor Cashes – Mountain Bike
  • Tinker Juarez – Gravel and Mountain Bike
  • Genevive Jeanson – Gravel Cycling
  • Paul Thomas – Gravel and Mountain Bike
  • Owen Cravens – Paratriathlon & Nordic Skiing
  • Caleb Cline – Recumbent Trike
  • Justin Lund – Track and field, trail racing & MTB
  • Jennifer Lee – SUP, Surfski, Outrigger Canoe
  • Alycia Hill – Trail Running & Triathlon
  • Christine Warren – Triathlon
  • Maddy Frank – Mountain Bike & Road Cycling
  • Elizabeth Barbosa – Trail Running & Olympic Weightlifting
  • Ginny Cataldi – Triathlon
  • Kayla Bowker – Triathlon

To see the full roster and learn more about our athletes, visit INFINITnutrition.us.

About INFINIT Nutrition

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