Chinese firms rush to support women’s football team after Asian Cup win

February 7, 2022

The companies’ moves, though most likely aimed at showing appreciation for the team’s efforts that have inspired the entire country, also reflect the growing popularity of women’s football and women’s sports in general, which would also boost businesses in relevant sectors.

Globally, according to a report released by Deloitte, TV rights and sponsorship deals for most existing women’s sports are worth at most millions of dollars, but the majority of them are below this value, noting that women’s sports revenues in 2021 were estimated at well under $1 billion, a fraction of the global value of all sports, which reached $471 billion in 2018.

Deloitte’s report also anticipated that women’s sports will grow to be worth a great deal more than $1 billion, with women’s sports to be further promoted and commercialized. Global Times