HEX Releases Complete Creative Series, Women In Focus, Featuring Top Female Photographers

August 13, 2021

Natalie Amrossi, Shauna Wade, Elise Swopes, Claire Lejeune, and Enkrypt Los Angeles share their experiences to educate and inspire

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – August 13, 2021 – HEX, award winning fashion accessory brand, today released the complete series, Women In Focus, each episode highlighting female creatives and photographers as they share their stories, challenges, successes and give advice to encourage other women in the industry.

Drawing on decades of experience in fashion, music, and art and channels to equip the next generation of creators, HEX teamed up with Natalie Amrossi, Shauna Wade, Elise Swopes, Claire Lejeune, and Enkrypt Los Angeles to create the series, and showcase a different perspective in an often male-dominated field. In each episode, the artists discuss what it took to be successful in their careers and how their unique backgrounds shaped the creative journey.

“It was a huge honor to work with and learn from this group of talented women who shaped the series with their own perspectives,” said Trent Valladares, HEX co-founder. “This was never designed as a marketing campaign. It was simply a project that we really wanted to do – shine the spotlight on a group of artists and hear from them about the challenges, influences and backgrounds that made them who they are. It’s clear that their work is opening doors for others who are getting excited about photography and creative passions.”

Explore the Women in Focus Series: https://www.hexbrand.com/pages/hex-women-in-focus-complete

Episode 1: Natalie Amrossi

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Natalie shares her fascination with the ability to capture a moment as well as her biggest challenge as a female in the photography industry: being treated differently.

Episode 2:  Shauna Wade

Based in New York, Shauna specializes in street, portrait and travel, and shares her love for creativity as well as how to navigate this male-dominated industry as a black woman.

Episode 3: Elise Swopes

Elise is a entrepreneur, photographer and graphic designer from Chicago but currently based in New York, and combines her experience with graphics and photography to create incredible images.

Episode 4: Claire Lejeune

Claire, a photographer and creative artist who grew up in Paris and is now based in Los Angeles, shares how she stumbled upon her career and how to overcome feeling alone in the industry.

Episode 5: Enkrypt Los Angeles

Enkrypt Los Angeles, a photographer, videographer and director based out of NE LA shares how her experience with computers and software from her previous job at Sony has allowed her to be successful in a difficult industry for women.

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