How Ally made the biggest men’s sports event of the year about women

February 27, 2024

Ahead of this year’s Super Bowl, a group of more than 100 CMOs, media execs, and leaders from sports teams and leagues like the NWSL, MLS, and Nascar met to discuss something other than the big game.

Participants were focused on the women’s game—not just women’s football, but women’s sports across the board, and how brands are evaluating their investments in the growing space. The VIP event was jointly orchestrated by women’s sports agency Deep Blue Sports + Entertainment and Ally Financial, one of the companies that’s been at the forefront of the push to further monetize women’s sports with initiatives like its 50/50 pledge to achieve equal media spending on men’s and women’s sports by 2027.

Ally has more sports marketing initiatives in the pipeline coming off the Super Bowl. Earlier this month, the company announced a partnership with the United States Golf Association, and it’s also planning on “entering the WNBA in a big way” this year.

While Ally doesn’t have official Olympic partnership status, the brand plans to activate around Paris 2024 via emerging media platforms, through its athlete partners, Ally is also “sharing playbooks with other brands.” Marketing Brew