InsideTracker Celebrates Athlete, Keira D’Amato, New American Marathon Recordholder

January 18, 2022

Rising star in American endurance sport exemplifies benefits of balanced, science-backed approach to training, racing, life

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.— Jan. 18, 2021/SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ – American marathon runner, Keira D’Amato, ran into the American record books with a time of 2:19.12 in the Chevron Houston Marathon Sunday, shaving 24 seconds off the previous American record set by Deena Kastor in 2006 and showcasing her resilience through a career notable for its ups and downs.

Injury forced D’Amato to step away from the sport for seven years between 2009 and 2016. When she returned in 2017, she quickly rose through the ranks of elite American endurance athletes, racking up notable accomplishments including the American 10-mile record in 2020.

The full-time realtor and mother of two credits her success to a balanced and methodical approach to training, one which led her to research blood biometric testing and discover InsideTracker, the leading truly personalized performance and nutrition system, in 2020. She joined the InsideTracker endurance team in 2021.

While her initial interest was addressing a lifelong struggle with low ferritin, a marker tied to iron stores that can impact energy and oxygen availability, in 2021, a routine InsideTracker test flagged critically low levels of the essential hormone cortisol, a potential warning sign of a condition like Addison’s disease. D’Amato was able to correct the imbalance with the help of an endocrinologist, enabling her to safely continue running at an elite level.

“InsideTracker is the reason I caught and was able to correct a major cortisol issue which could easily have put an end to my running career or worse, but regular blood testing has also been invaluable in catching and correcting the minor nutrient and recovery imbalances that can add up to major impacts on performance,” said D’Amato. “I consider my quarterly InsideTracker tests a critical part of my training regimen and trust their system to provide science-backed, customized recommendations that make it easy to make adjustments and give my body exactly what it needs to optimize for performance.”

“We have been so proud of watching Keira excel as an athlete and send our biggest congratulations on smashing the American record this weekend in Houston,” said Gil Blander, chief science officer and co-founder, InsideTracker. “As an athlete that returned to processional sport later in life, and who balances career and family with her professional athletic career, she exemplifies the kind of person we created InsideTracker to serve— those who have their sights set both on near-term performance optimization and long-term, holistic wellness.”

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