LLama – a new App by CWRB

December 9, 2023

[Australia, Brisbane, 9 December 2023] /SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ – This World Llama Day, Chicks Who Ride Bikes (CWRB) – Australia’s largest women’s cycling community – announced today that they have launched a new and improved mobile app for female cyclists. In addition to the features released on the pilot app (cwrb), users can access LLama from today and enjoy an interactive experience through connecting with other users, viewing interest-specific content, and cycling information while still discovering new channels such as podcasts, blogs, and the chat application in one easy-to-access place.

Founder and CEO, Jordana Blackman, witnessed how life’s demands often lead women to neglect their own well-being and sense of community. LLama is not just an app; it’s a movement that empowers women to break free from isolation, embrace the freedom of cycling, and connect with like-minded individuals.

LLama transforms the way women experience, connect and enjoy “me time”, using the humble bicycle as the vehicle for connection (even if the bike is just for getting to the Café…).

Why Llama?

“Llamas are known for being smart, social and curious animals – and I just loved that they have so much personality, are a little awkward and don’t take themselves too seriously… and that was a vibe that really resonated with me. I’m not a naturally sporty person, and my own personal cycling journey was absolutely a comedy of errors.” – Jordana Blackman, Founder & CEO of CWRB

LLama is FREE to download and caters to all women and non-binary people, from complete beginners to seasoned pros, with features such as:

  • Ride Buddy Finder: Find ride buddies by location, ability, or fitness level – anywhere in the world!
  • Community Q&A: Ask questions, seek guidance, and provide insights to fellow riders
  • Events: stay updated on upcoming events, group rides, and unforgettable cycling adventures in your region
  • Curated Content: content tailored to users by ability level, fitness level, type of bike, and location

“When CWRB was just a small Facebook group, we noticed so many barriers to participation, starting with overcoming this ingrained but totally false belief that we are somehow unworthy of investing time in something just for us. Seriously, ask any woman you know, and chances are you’ll find she’s likely to be deeply uncomfortable doing something that benefits her alone and doesn’t involve her partner, kids or family… and I knew that was something that needed to change.” – Jordana Blackman, Founder & CEO of CWRB

“I rode at an elite level for over a decade, and when I was forced to retire due to an injury I was unprepared for not only losing my job but the community it came with. Llama has become the community I wish I had in 2008. My needs are different now that I am juggling two kids and a career, and I just wanted a likeminded community of women who understood that.” – Katey Bates, COO of CWRB [2 x Olympian and World Champion Track Cyclist]

About CWRB

CWRB is a community for women… who happen to ride bikes. We’re here for the slow rides, the fast rides and everything in between. No matter where you live, what you look like, or what kind of bike you ride, we are committed to making you feel safe, connected and provide you with the vibrant community of likeminded women you deserve

To learn more about Llama and the growing CWRB community of female cyclists, visit www.chickswhoridebikes.com

Launch Event 10 Dec | Media welcome

When: Sunday, 10 December 2023

Where: Orleigh Park, West End, Brisbane

What: A family friendly gathering with plenty of opportunity for pictures, video, interviews and demonstration of the app and its features.

PRESS: Please advise if you would like a complimentary spot in one of our llama and goat yoga sessions: https://events.humanitix.com/llama-and-goat-yoga-by-cwrb-and-karmably

“Experienced yoga instructors from Karmably will guide you through a one-of-a-kind session that blends traditional yoga poses with the playful and therapeutic energy of llamas and goats. Enjoy interaction, cuddles, and pics with lovable friendly animals who will roam freely during the session, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and with a smile that will see you through the rest of the silly season.”

  • Session #1: 0630am [30 minutes]
  • Session #2: 0715am [30 minutes]


LLama – an App by CWRB is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices.



Media Contact

Jordana Blackman, Founder & CEO


+61 417 262 614