Louisiana New Product Development Company Launches The Leia Sustainable Menstrual Cup

January 28, 2023

SHREVEPORT, LA – January 2023 /SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ – Louisiana New Product Development Company, has launched a new game-changing product for the feminine hygiene market. The newly launched Leia Sustainable Menstrual Cup was designed by OBGYN Lena Dolgan specifically for those with low cervix and weakened pelvic floor muscles.

LA New Product Development is an international product development company founded and run by Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova, an immigrant couple from Kazakhstan. They have been recognized as one of the fastest growing product development companies in the US, ranked 1100 in the top of the Inc top 5000 fastest growing companies in 2021.

The story of the Leia menstrual cup started when founder of LA New Products Development Company Konstantin Dolgan teamed with his sister Lena Dolgan – a practicing OBGYN to address the lack of solutions for those who want to use a menstrual cup but have weak pelvic floor muscles. “First and foremost, we wanted to make sure that it was comfortable. So, we used a variety of different materials to test which one would be the softest and most comfortable for women to use,” said Onega Ulanova, co-founder of LA New Product Development Company.

The Leia is a compact sustainable menstrual cup with a firm, slanted rim. Features include easy-to-grip rings for effortless cup removal and a short, durable stem for locating and adjusting the cup. Leia is designed specifically for women with weak pelvic floor muscles, comes in sizes S, M, L and is available at retailers nationwide.

Founded in 2016, LA New Product Development Company is a product design, prototyping and marketing company. LA NPDT began its journey in 2014 when Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova formed a student organization at Louisiana Tech University named LA New Product Development Team. Two years later the organization evolved into a product development company. The first office opened its doors in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2016. Since then, the team has been turning product ideas into reality daily.


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