OOFOS Partners with the Marni On The Move Podcast to Launch Brand Ambassador Focused Podcast Mini-Series

November 22, 2021

New York, NY—November 22, 2021 /SPORTSWIRE WOMEN/ –OOFOS, the global leader in recovery footwear, partners with the Marni On The Move podcast, the popular endurance sports, fitness and wellness focused show to kick off a three episode podcast mini-series showcasing a variety of OOFOS’ brand ambassadors – in dance, triathlon, and wellness therapy.

Marni On The Move Podcast Host, Marni Salup, endurance athlete, entrepreneur, and wellness biohacker, syncs up with three OOFOS Ambassadors about the importance of active recovery, how OOFOS and the company’s game-changing footwear technology, OOfoam™ has transformed their lives, along with their inspiring individual athletic and wellness journeys.  Guests include OOFOS Wellness Coach and Brand Educator, Cert. Holistic Health Facilitator, Linda Jaros, LMT, CYT; Professional Triathlete and Champion, Matt Russell; and Emmy Nominated Choreographer and Founder of dance company The Syncopated Ladies, Chloe Arnold. OOFOS’ mission “to make yOO feel better” is on full display through the stories and testimonials of these individuals, whose lives have been positively impacted by making OOFOS a regular part of their recovery routines.

The OOFOS/Marni On The Move Mini-Series can be download via the Marni On The Move podcast channels on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


OOFOS is the global leader in recovery footwear, founded by a team of industry veterans looking to help runners and fitness enthusiasts recover better from their workouts. Made with revolutionary OOfoam™ technology, OOFOS are designed to absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear, so your body doesn’t have to – helping you recover and recharge between sessions. From professional athletes to casual walkers, OOFOS footwear will make your hard-working feet and body feel better – all you have to do is feel the OO. For more information, go to www.oofos.com

About Marni On The Move

Marni On The Move, hosted by Marni Salup, is a globally renowned wellness podcast with 225+ conversations at the intersection of endurance sports, entrepreneurship, fitness, and health. The weekly show features pioneering founders, high profile CEO’S and executives, Olympic and professional athletes, game-changing scientists, and globally renowned experts, all empowered for success by exercise and wellness.  The Marni On The Move podcast is a FIT+LOVE Production.


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