Rumble Boxing Is a Hit With Female Franchisees

October 23, 2023

Boxing has quickly become a favorite fitness activity of women across the U.S., especially among those in the Millennial age range. More and more, women are making the once-male-dominated sport their go-to workout routine, shattering long-held notions of what’s masculine and feminine.

Rumble Boxing, the boxing-inspired group fitness brand acquired by Xponential Fitness in 2021, is emblematic of this cultural shift. A whopping 73% of Rumble’s fast-growing member base is made up of women. Perhaps even more notable, approximately 40% of Rumble franchise owners are female, higher than the national average of 31%.

A Rumble workout is challenging but accessible, featuring 10 rounds over 45 minutes divided evenly between boxing drills like shadowboxing and bag-punching and resistance training including bodyweight circuits and dumbbells. Athletechnews