WNBPA, Parity Join Forces to Create Marketing Opportunities and Drive Revenue to WNBA Players

August 26, 2021

NEW YORK (August 26, 2021) – OneTeam Partners is proud to announce a multi-year partnership between the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (“WNBPA”) and Parity, an online sponsorship platform for women athletes that aims to create strategic marketing opportunities and drive revenue for players in the WNBA.

Announced on Women’s Equality Day, the partnership will provide players the opportunity to quickly and seamlessly join the Parity online community of 600+ athletes across 40 sports and a growing list of brands. Parity’s clients already include brands such as MICROSOFT, Gainbridge, Morgan Stanley, Strava, Thule and Literati, since their launch in Q3 2020.

“If we are honest about our history, we recognize that the women’s movement has not always been inclusive,” WNBPA Executive Director Terri Jackson said. “Together with OneTeam Partners and Parity, we pledge to continue to break down barriers and commit to continue the fight for equality for women of color and all women.”

Authenticity is the key in the increasingly competitive influencer marketing space. By taking the extra step to unlock an athlete’s genuine interests and social advocacy and matching those interests and causes with potential corporate sponsors, Parity’s platform and focused approach facilitates more intentional and compelling brand marketing campaigns.

“The value that players of the WNBPA bring to brands through their authentic and powerful connections to their fans is a largely untapped resource,” said Parity co-CEO Minji Ro, who formerly served as commissioner of the New York City Gay Basketball League and a VP at Goldman Sachs. “We understand that these women are elite athletes, powerful advocates and leaders in their communities. We hope to  help move the needle for a more equitable revenue stream and an even higher profile.”

The move unites two national organizations catering exclusively to the advancement of women athletes. Established in 2020, Parity, powered by Evolution of Sports, drives revenue to women athletes, working toward pay equity in sport. Research estimates that women’s sports sponsorship accounts for only 0.4% of total sport sponsorship. The goal of the WNBPA partnership is to tackle the gender pay gap issue in professional sports sponsorship and develop a more socially responsible world in partnership with influential corporate brands. The WNBPA has historically fostered opportunities to amplify the voices and leadership of its members, who have led the way in professional sport in the constant fight for equality and justice.

“We could not be more excited about the synergies between the Players Association and Parity,” said WNBPA President Nneka Ogwumike. “We have a shared commitment to the financial stability of women athletes, but even more, we share a passion for equity and inclusion. On many levels, this partnership can help change the game for WNBPA members.”

The WNBPA and Parity already have a link in Seattle Storm guard Karlie Samuelson, who also works as the athlete engagement manager at Parity.

OneTeam Partners, the sponsorship and licensing partner of the WNBPA, facilitated the trend-setting partnership with the original introduction brokered by WNBPA President, Nneka Ogwumike. OneTeam is a global sports company unleashing the collective power of world-class athletes to drive business via group licensing, marketing, media and venture.

About Parity: Established by and for women’s sports advocates, Parity is revolutionizing the financial model for women athletes. With a current roster of 600 athletes from more than 40 sports and more than 20 corporate partners, Parity unites data analytics and cultural relevance to match women athletes with sponsorship and revenue opportunities, primarily via social and digital media. To learn more about Parity, visit www.paritynow.co

About the WNBPA: The Women’s National Basketball Players Association is the union for current women’s professional basketball players in the WNBA. The WNBPA is the first labor union for professional women athletes. It was created in 1998 to protect the rights of players and assist them in achieving their full potential on and off the court. The WNBPA handles the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, filing grievances on their behalf, and counseling players on benefits and post-WNBA career opportunities. The WNBPA also serves as a resource for current players, while they are competing internationally during the offseason. The WNBPA encourages players to participate in union activities – including executive leadership roles, team representative positions, and global community outreach initiatives. To learn more about the WNBPA, visit https://wnbpa.com/

About OneTeam Partners: Formed in November 2019, OneTeam Partners is a joint venture between the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and RedBird Capital Partners. OneTeam helps athletes maximize the value of their name, image and likeness rights by transforming the way in which athletes interact with businesses across four verticals: licensing, marketing, content and investing. OneTeam represents a range of commercial business interests on behalf of the NFLPA, MLBPA, Major League Soccer PA, U.S. Women’s National Team PA, WNBPA, and U.S. Rugby PA. To learn more about OneTeam, visit https://joinoneteam.com/